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Fine Dining in Northern France

Le Nord & Pas de Calais

Welcome to these info pages about Northern France, also known as the departments 59 and 62, respectively "NORD" and "PAS DE CALAIS". This site has no commercial intentions and is not sponsored. The author lives in Belgium near the French border and wants to share his experiences with the French neighbours on these pages.

While reworking the website to adapt itself for mobile and tablet use, I took the liberty to enhance the pages with a few panoramic photos, all shot between the Belgian border and Normandy, just to give you a taste of the beauty of the different landscapes in a stretch of land of only approx. 250 km or 150 Miles. The one on this page shows the Dunkirk marina, welcoming the 'Little Ships' during an Operation Dynamo remembrance.

All the restaurants and shops reviewed are located within a 100-mile radius of the Chunnel and ferry terminals at Calais. Well suited for British who are on holiday abroad, or just cross the Channel shopping for cheap booze and fags. (For non-UK visitors: "alcoholic beverages & cigarettes")

Since France is world-famous for its gastronomy, most of the information on these pages is about restaurants and retailers where you can go for a fine meal, or where you can buy local products. In most reviews you'll also find some information about the city or region.

All restaurants and retailers mentioned were visited by me personally, so you will only read first-hand information. Of course, this also means the reviews were written from my personal taste. E.g., if you don't like tiny deep-fried fish (complete with head and fins), you certainly will not share my vision of "friture d' éperlans". De gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum...

Although tastes may differ, all the reviewed restaurants and shops are well worth visiting and all offer excellent value for money. Where possible, I created a link to the website of the establishment and we always mention the address, and sometimes the phone number. Mobile users may be able to make a call by clicking on the telephone number, and I've also added Google Map buttons, that will open a map with the exact location of the subject.

And remember: a GPS is a nice tool for finding the shortest route, but it is often more fun to buy a good map and  plan your itinerary in advance. See also the item "Travel Tips" on the next page.

Please make a selection from the menu, or use the numbers at the bottom to proceed through the pages. And if you are a fan of the northern French cuisine, then bookmark this page, the reviews will continue to grow, allowing money and time to go get a foretaste. And if you really fancy this micro-site, than you can tell the world via the "Twitter" button at the bottom. wish you an "appetizing reading"  ;-)

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