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Fine Dining in Northern France

Restaurant La Marie Galante

62164 Audresselles

Where do I start to describe "La Marie Galante"? My vocabulary doesn't contain enough superlatives to make this review what it ought to be.

In short: if you want to eat sea food at the highest level, look no further. "La Marie Galante" is the place to be, if you want to try "un plateau fruits de mer". The best translation would be "a feast of shell fish."
Many years of experience show off: from the presentation, to the service, to the tiny little towel the size of a button, that swells up in the warm water provided: everything is superbly orchestrated and presented.

The downside is that many years of experience have made many years of happy customers, and that it is absolutely vital to book a table well in advance, since there is rarely a seat available at "La Marie Galante".

We went there on a week day in April, had a stroll along the rocky beach (panoramic photo on top)  and enjoyed what the sea had to offer, through the hands of "La Marie Galante".

Fruis de Mer

We ordered a "menu 'Ch'ti" that included mussels to our choice and a half a liter of lager beer at €18 and a "plateau fruits de mer"  at €38. We chose "moules façons Picardie", mussels with cream and mushrooms completed with french fries. The plateau contained oysters, whelks, half a crab, langoustines, shrimps and prawns. This was served with bread,  mayonnaise, cocktail sauce, vinaigrette and a whole variety of tools to open the shellfish. To top it up, an adult-sized bib was offered to protect our clothing....

"La Marie Galante is ab-so-lu-te-ly worth a visit!

Restaurant "La Marie Galante"

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173 Rue Edouard Quenu
62164 Audresselles

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